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Warming up for the big event!

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Hello Maria Lucia, Marcela, Kim, Lou, Bill, and Caroline,
    We are back on Pilialoha.  We got here around 3 PM on a sunny afternoon with mild breeze.  We boarded a boat that was quite different from the one we left.  It was extremely tidy, super clean and organized; linen was on all the bunks finely folded with towels exquisitely placed nearby.  All lockers had a listing of items inside; the fax was pouring out its photos and synoptic maps.  Thank you Kim and Lou for all you have done.
    The flight over from Hawaii was most pleasant; it was funny to recognize the crew now, having seen them so often over the last few weeks.  The flight had plenty of free seats and all went smoothly.  Arrival at customs and immigration flowed very well.  They asked for the bond letter, saw it and we were off; all very fast and simple.
    The Icklers were just outside waiting for us.  They looked great, happy, healthy, tanned, and beaming.  Lou said that he had a great time. Kim was radiant.
     We were met by Oceane from Ocean Lodge Tahiti.  Pretty soon we noticed that she and her crew have not done this very much.  There was much discussion back and forth, movement of the two drivers one way and the other.  Loud colorful french spoken to us, most of which we could not understand. And after much talking, gesturing, and activity in place without anything happening, we were off.  We then stopped to get a (one) gallon of diesel for the truck; and then Caroline (who had eaten half my sandwhich I carried on board, and then had the in flight meal) said she was hungry.  So the ever much complying Madame Oceane stopped at a Roulotte; but then Caroline decided she did not want to make us all wait so we were off again. 
       The house was just south of Marina Taina, about 3 km,  not more.  Its a big simple house recently renovated to house budget travelers like young backpackers.  All was freshly painted and recently put together.  There were no other guests.  The two bedroom apartment from the website did not exist so we got two separate rooms, both with double beds.  When I asked for a roll out bed and explained Caroline and I were not a couple, the lady graciously offered me a third room free of charge and I accepted.
    The rooms here are clean and sparsely furnished and really aimed at spending very little. The pictures in the website were much more alluring (we felt like the people in the movie "Exotic Marigold hotel" where the pictures had been photoshopped)  The irony is that the low cost of the lodging is nullified by the cost of getting to the place and then back to the airport.  Better to stay at a better hotel closer in, the cost will be the same and the quality way better.
    Breakfast was good, plenty of baguettes, confiture, butter, tea, and coffee.  All the people were very nice and personally warm.  They took us to the airport and it was all hugs and multiple face kisses and "a la prochaine" here and there.
    The flight over was very good and quite full.  Warren was waiting for us with the baguettes the Icklers asked him to get.  He dropped us off, the dinghy was right there and soon we were on the boat (well not that soon, it took a while to get Caroline's four heavy duffel bags on board).
     The crew of Grivelda left soon after we arrived, not without saying hello and being most civil.  As soon as they were gone I started the engine for 1.5 hours.  We also had beer and pupus to celebrate our arrival.  Caroline started working on the galley getting it arranged to her preferences for the delivery.
     We passed by the local marina restaurant which was open, considered eating there but in the end decided to eat on the boat.  Caroline prepared salad and pasta and we had a great time.  Maren keeps on exclaiming how relaxing this all is.
     Tomorrow we shall go into town early and provision for the week.  Then we will try to go to Tahaa and find an anchorage there.  Rest of the week is up in the air. There is a lot of desire to go to Bora Bora but we may not have enough time to do so. Weather report for Thursday and Friday is not so good right now so we shall continue to monitor the situation.
We send you all a big abrazo and will keep you up to date on our adventures,
Rick, Maren, Bob, and Caroline
Bill Myers,    808-294-2670

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