Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still In Raiatea, No break in Wind

     Its 1545 on Saturday and the wind has been strong all day long.  There has been no let up and therefore we have not left our mooring at Marina Apooiti.  The French weather service forecasted for winds of 65 km which is some 35 knots.  The day is sunny yet the wind goes on and there are white caps within the reef.  At the distance we can see the large sea waves hit the outer reef.  All forecasts are for lesser winds starting tomorrow and then we shall start our trip to Papeete.
     We have spent the day in different ways.  We have cleaned the boat thoroughly, tried to fix the speakers for the music, looked for different forecasts on the internet, slept, cooked, read, and played games.  Despite the wind it has been very relaxing.
     Right now Bob is sleeping, Maren is tanning, and Caroline is reading.
Cheers from Raiatea,

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