Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Adventure

Somewhere around the 8th of October, 2012,  Rick Villalobos and Bill Myers will push off from the dock in Papeete, Tahiti in a Beneteau 393 named "Pilialoha" and head for Hawaii. They will be accompanied by three other crew members: Donna Austin, Caroline Heinrich and Kathy McGraw. These three have dozens of ocean crossings to their credit (9 of them with Bill).

Everyone is excited about the trip. Some people are going down to the boat two weeks ahead of time to start preparing for the trip. Others will follow a week later, and some others with tight schedules will come aboard just before our scheduled departure.

It is our intention to list our position each day here on the blog and tell some stories if anything exciting happens. Or, maybe, make up a story.

For example, the current location is on Raiatia, at (16 43.65S, 151 28.70W) in the Apoiti Marina at Ponte Oporo near the airport.

There is no Course and the Speed is zero.

The departure is expected to take place from (17 35.19S, 149 36.94) in the Marina Taina on Tahiti.

Stay tuned.

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