Monday, October 8, 2012

Some Excitement

Last night around 3am the restaurant next to the "Pink Coconut" at the end of our dock went up in flames. Fortunately there was almost no wind, and what there was was away from us. Otherwise we would have been covered by ashes.

It looks like we are pushing off early tomorrow. Lots more food shopping today. Enough for a circumnavigation probably. We also have been topping off tanks and filling jerry cans.

Rick and I looked a charts and set some waypoints. It is not as simple as going to San Francisco. There are islands in the way.


  1. Wednesday October 10 10 PM position 14 43 south, 149 23 west, just out of a squall, course 360 degrees.
    All OK on board. No email yet.
    From Ghost via SSB ch 12A. Will report again after 5 PM on October 11.

  2. We have tried to post comments for some days and today we will finally figured it out.
    Rick and the crew have been communicating daily by radio with Kim and Lou Ickler. They are doing fine, around 6 knots and good weather. Hopefully it will keep on being well. In a separate message I will send all the coordinates I have received so far. Maria Lucia

  3. October 11 - 5PM HST from Ghost to PiliAloha by SSB ch 12a: position 13 07S, 149 08W making 5.3 knots , course 000M, temperature in cabin 84 degrees, comfortable in cockpit

  4. Good morning all, Below are the coordinates we have so far from Pilialoha:
    Oct 12/12 Lat: S 11 33' 29''Long: W 148 54' 13''Time: 20:28:24 UTC
    Oct 11/12 Lat: S 13 58' 10''Long: W 149 15' 24''Time: 17:09:37 UTC
    Oct 10/12 Lat: S 15 28' 41''Long: W 149 30' 43''Time: 21:41:31 UTC
    Oct 10/12 Lat: S 17 9' 50'' Long: W 149 42' 18''Time: 00:44:30 UTC
    Cheers, Maria Lucia

  5. October 12/12 10:47. Rick just called and they are doing very well. 5 knots and very pleasant sailing. All but Cathy are in the cockpit enjoying the day. More news to come when thet call or talk in the radio with the Icklers. Maria Lucia

  6. Friday, October 12, 17:00H We heard Rick on 12A and he said all is well. Position impossible to copy - too much overlying traffic. Will try again Saturday, same time.

    1. Saturday October 13, email received from Rick. All is well, good sailing with nice wind and good seas. Last night there was a cargo ship 5 miles away. They talked on the radio and the cargo could see Pilialoha's lights and in the radar. Below is today's position: Lat: S 10 5'10" Long: W 148 57'38" Time 18:19:56 UTC Date: Oct 13/12. Maria Lucia

  7. When Lou spoke with Rick last evening he sounded more chipper, reporting they had made more than 60 miles in the last 11 hours. Position was 09 27 south and 149 00 west. Course was close-hauled at 335M making 5 knots. All was well, they are eating well and everyone was comfortable. Bob spoke with them briefly as he will take over while we are gone.
    More tonight at 5 PM HST.

  8. Update today October 14 at 1705: S 6 17 W 148 54. Their speed was 5 kts and their course was 010 Mag. Lou mentioned that he believed this was accurate but can't be positive since there was a lot of static when he spoke with Rick on the radio.
    Again, everyone is doing fine and having good sailing. They are almost at the Equator. Yeah!! Maria Lucia

  9. Hello everyone, I talked to Rick today and he sounded fine and relaxed. Everyone is fine, enjoying the blue sky and sea and each other company. They talk about music, movies, books and of course sailing.
    Tomorrow, Tuesday will be a week since they left and they still think the estimate day of arrival in Hawaii is October 31/12.
    Today at 1745 Pilialoha's position was:
    S 5 41' W 148 10' heading 017 magnetic, speed 4.6 knots
    Cheers,Maria Lucia

  10. Latest position:
    Lat: S 4 34' 29''
    Long: W 147 51' 7''
    Time: 17:22:30 UTC
    Date: 16-10-2012
    Cheers Maria Lucia

  11. Not a whole lot of blogging on this trip? Are you actually getting any comments?

  12. Message from Bob Wrigley, he is communicating with Pilialoha every afternoon at 1700. This is from yesterday, October 16.
    "Transmission conditions were better tonight and I think I got all the important information. At 17:05 HST they were at 3 degrees 50' S and 147 degrees, 37' W. Their course was 017 magnetic with a speed of 5 knots. Rick said everything was fine and the crew was feeling good. He estimated that they would cross the equator between 147 to 145 West longitude sometime on the 18th of October. I wished all the pollywogs well and I'd try to send Noodle down. Bob" Cheers, Maria Lucia

  13. Position:
    Date: 17-10-2012 Time: 16:51:36 UTC
    Lat: S 2 45' 43'' Long: W 147 19' 21''

    time 0700
    wnd dir/spd e 8-12 wv ht 1-2ft
    sky puffy lowcumulusclouds 30% cover, rest blue our hdg/spd 017/6kts

    Maria Lucia

  14. Distance run last 24 hrs 130 nn. Distance covered to date 985. Distance to Equator 60. Distance to Oahu 1515. ETA Oct. 31. Winds now ESE 10-12. They should cross the Equator about 3 – 5 pm today! Yeah!
    Below is the latest position received:
    Date: 18-10-2012 Time: 17:21:25 UTC
    Lat: S 1 0' 55'' Long: W 146 44' 22''
    Yesterday they caught a beautiful blue and silver 30lb marlin. He died happy drinking whiskey :o) So they had fish for lunch and dinner yesterday and today will have the same.
    Cheers, Maria Lucia

    1. Well done on the fishing but not so good on the timing. King Neptune will likely not be too pleased about the loss of one of his fine marlin to a boatload of polywogs! His Royal Highness's punishment upon crossing the equator could be brutal! Word on the street is that His Majesty has some fine shenanagans planned for the scurvinous crew of the Mighty Pilialoha. Stay tuned... Noodle

  15. Rick called at 7:45 tonight to announce that they crossed the Equator at 7:30 pm Hawaiian time. They celebrated with a delicious dinner consisted of fish cooked by Caroline. They toasted with apple juice. The night is beautiful with the Moon in the horizon and the sky is full of stars. The Equator crossing ceremony will take place tomorrow during day light.
    This is the latest position:
    Date: 19-10-2012 Time: 05:30:36 UTC
    Lat: N 0 0' 45" Long: W 146 22' 11"
    Cheers Maria Lucia

  16. Today October 20, Pilialoha and her crew will achieve the midpoint. As for this morning 7:00 Hawaiian time, they have sailed 1240 nautical miles and there are still 1260 to go. They are doing an average of 120 nm/day. And maybe, maybe, they will arrive on October 30, one day ahead of schedule. Cross your fingers!!
    Below is this morning position:
    Date: 20-10-2012 Time: 16:59:24 UTC
    Lat: N 3 7' 38'' Long: W 145 51' 16''
    Aloha, Maria Lucia

  17. From Bob Wrigley: The transmission conditions were far better tonight and I could hear the relief in Rick's voice that he didn't have to repeat things over and over again. They are at 3 degrees, 59 minutes N, 145 degrees, 33' W on a course of 014 M, and a speed of 5.4 knots. I askes when were they going to turn towards Hawaii and I got that they would do so at 10 degrees North. I believe he also mentioned a latitude but I couldn't get it. It may be that whichever one they hit first, latitude or longitude, they will set course for Hawaii. It looks to me like they are far enough East that they will elect to go on the windward side of the Big Island and avoid motoring in the lee of it. Aloha nui, Bob

  18. From Bob Wrigley: The transmission conditions were good tonight again: On 10/21/12 at 17:05 HST Pilialoha's position was 5 degrees, 58" N and 145 degrees, 07' W. Their course was 008 M with a speed of 4.3 knots. Aloha, Bob

  19. Today, October 22/12 Pilialoha and her crew are half way thru the Intertropical Convergence Zone (a low-pressure area around the equator where the prevailing winds are calm) so they are motoring. It is a beautiful day with light cool breeze and gentle swells. They are having a great time, spirits high and the food is plentiful and tasty.
    Today, October 22 at 8:52 am Pilialoha's position was: N 7 18' W 145 10'
    Aloha, Maria Lucia

  20. The report from Pilialoha tonight is a bit discouraging. At 17:05 HST they are at 7 degrees 50' N and 145 degrees, 4' West. Their course is 344 magnetic at a speed of 5.0 knots. From their position at 7:18 this morning they only moved 32 nm in those 12 hours. Transmission conditions were very intermittent with Rick's voice fading completely several times but we managed to get confirmation's on all the data. It wasn't possible to find out why they were so slow. Aloha, Bob Wrigley

  21. From Bob Wrigley: "I think it's safe to say that Pilialoha is heading home! I calculate they made about 74 miles since last night's position report, more than double the 36 miles of the previous 12 hours. Aloha, Bob"
    Bill Myers spoke to Caroline this morning, October 23, and said that they think they are coming out of the doldrums. Hope to turn later today towards Hawaii.
    Their latest position at 0707 HST was:
    Lat: N 9 1' 35'' Long: W 145 20' 59''
    Aloha, Maria Lucia

  22. Rick just called me and said that they celebrated that Pilialoha emerged from the itcz or doldrums and heading towards the South of the Big Island: Lat: N18 45' Long: W 155 40'.
    Today October 23 they completed two weeks of a wonderful and pleasant adventure of sailing from Tahiti to Hawaii. Their last position at 1:36 pm HST was: Lat: N 9 38' 4'' Long: W 145 33' 14''. From this point to the Big Island is around 800 nautical miles and from there to Kaneohe (home) is around 220 nautical miles.
    Pilialoha's heading 305 on east tack. Wind 12 knots, waves 3 feet and on the quarter. Boat speed is 6.6 moving along in a very pleasant and comfortable way. They estimate to be by the Big Island on October 28. So maybe they will get home earlier??? They don't know yet, but I hope so.
    At the time of the call, Caroline was sleeping, Donna was enjoying the wind, Cathy was doing macrame or something like that, Bill was, were was Bill? Maybe he was at the wheel and Rick, of course, was on the phone with me.
    So this was the latest from today's Pilialoha and her crew adventure.
    So long,
    Maria Lucia

  23. From Bob Wrigley: Pilialoha's position at 17:05 HST on 10/23/12 was 9 Degrees, 54' N, and 145 degrees, 48' W. Their course was 305 magnetic with a speed of 7.0 knots. They are pointed toward home.
    Aloha, Bob
    Lou and Kim are back and they will be doing the radio contacts from now on.

  24. Pilialoha has done yesterday and today 160 miles/day, while the average before has been 120 m/day. They still have a lot of diesel, water and food and are doing very well with good seas and weather.
    Bill talked to Caroline this morning and he said it's another beautiful day. They made better speed although had to cut some sail during the night. Passed an old freighter/fishing boat but couldn't make contact.
    Below is a message from Kim:
    "Lou spoke with either Caroline or Donna tonight - I could not be sure which - it sounded like one, then the other (or perhaps it was!) They came through very well with a strong signal except the transmission would cut out completely - as if the transmit button had been let go of. Who knows?
    Latitude 11 35 N
    Long 147 52 W
    course 300M
    speed 6.2
    wind 20 knots (direction did not transmit)
    She said they had been averaging 7.5 knots, all is well, sailing conditions fabulous and everyone is OK.
    We tried to switch to 8297.0 without success. Will stand by tomorrow evening at 17:05 on 12C where we began tonight.
    Cheers, Maria Lucia

  25. Pilialoha is still doing well and getting closer to home! They have had excellent weather until today when it rained a lot around noon. Rick was at the helm wearing his foul weather gear. Despite the rain they are doing fine. Speed 6 knots, wind 20 knots so they have two reefs in the main sail. Their course is 305 and have 720 miles to go. Aloha,Maria Lucia

  26. Below is the latest position at 1705 on October 26:
    Latitude 14 16 N Longitude 151 06 W
    course 305 speed 5.3 miles to go 590
    estimating 10/31 arrival at KYC.
    They had a lot of rain yesterday and today but tonight when Rick called me he said that the Moon was bright and the waves were silver, very beautiful. Everyone is still enjoying the sailing and are happy they are moving along and excited that they will get home if few days.
    They have spoken to Immigration/customs and have a plan. If they arrive at night they will stand off and come in in daylight.
    I think in the next couple of days there will be a better estimated time of arrival.
    Aloha, Maria Lucia

  27. It is now 12:45 at night and the tsunami warning has not been cleared yet. I hope it will end soon and those who had to evacute can go back home soon and get some rest. At the moment it does not seem that the tsunami has caused significant damages.

    Pilialoha was not affected at all as she is in the middle of the ocean and as I write this message I don't think they know about the earthquake in Canada or the tsunami. What it is important is that they are fine.

    When Rick talked this afternoon to Kim and Lou, he reported in a very upbeat manner that under one main reef and partial jib reef that Pilialoha is making 6.7 knots toward home tonight. All is well on board and everyone is fine.
    Position: 16 02 N, 153 010W, course 303M, 440 miles to go to Kaneohe.

    This puts the boat outside late Tuesday afternoon at their present speed. Rick said they would not enter Kaneohe Bay after dark and we asked if they would come in if they had an escort. He responded that that would be great and yes, they would come in.

    We then asked Charlie Stone if he would be willing to undertake the escort and he responded immediately and with enthusiasm "Of course!".

    We are grateful to have such friends as Charlie and Iwalani - both who know the variability of ETAs at 440 miles but still say "Yes" without hesitation.

    Well. so long as when they hit the lee of the Big Island and if they run out of wind (very likely) that they use the iron genny to power through!

    It is unclear to us about the issues of Immigration and customs and whether they may not have to spend the night on the boat without leaving it until they are cleared in which case the greeting would still be on the following morning. This can be discussed tomorrow with Rick.

    Thanks everyone,
    Kim and Lou

    Cheers, Maria Lucia

  28. October 28 report from Kim and Lou Ickler
    First report 17:05:
    Latitude 17 40 N, Longitude 154 51 W
    course 300M
    speed 6.7 Knots
    Miles to go 300
    draft 6 feet. Sampan Channel will be fine all night for entry.
    Rick came through mostly loud and clear - made some illusion to the fact Customs/Immigration will not come after 2:30 in the afternoon but it was a little unclear...
    He did say he would contact them tomorrow for clarification.
    Lou did tell Rick that Charlie and Iwalani have agreed to escort them in if they arrive after dark. He said thank you.

    Second contact 18:00 from Lou's marine mobile unit:
    The crew had just finished dinner, prepared by Caroline, in the cockpit with a rousing renditon of "That's Amore". They were watching the sun set and awaiting the moon rise. All was well.

    Rick is NOT optimistic of a daytime arrival on Tuesday. Lou reassured him the Naupaka would be there to escort him in.

    We are surprised we are still using SSB 12C - by now we should be down to the 4A,B or C channels based on the distance to go. Forgot to ask if they can see the Big Island, even in the distance, yet.
    This is it for now. Will talk to him again tomorrow at 1700.

  29. Pilialoha and her crew are in the Hawaiian Islands! They saw land for the first time in three weeks. Donna was the first one to spot the Big Island and she won the skipper's prize for the first person to see land. This happened this morning but I don't know the exact time.
    Needless to say they all are very excited. They are around 220 nautical miles from Kaneohe! Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.
    Here is the latest position at 0807 HST:
    Lat: N 18 31' 22'' Long: W 155 54' 56''
    Later today I will send the the afternoon radio report.
    Aloha, Maria Lucia

  30. Phone calls from the crew have been received today from cell phones!! It has been a very exciting day knowing that they are very close to home now.
    They have been motoring for several hours now as they are passing by south of the Big Island which blocks the wind coming from the NE.
    Rick said that he has asked everyone what day has been the best for them, and they don't know what to say as everyday has been wonderful.
    Bill, who has done many Pacific crossings from California to Honolulu and vice versa, has said that this sailing voyage has been the best for him.
    Rick told me that it has been a very gentle sail that I would have been very comfortable with it.
    Kim and Lou talked to Caroline and Cathy. They sounded fine and happy. They still have a lot of food but not gelato, so we will make sure they will get some upon their arrival tomorrow. We don't know the time yet but it seems that they will be by the dock at the KYC any time tomorrow night. Yeah!!!
    Their last position reported today at 4 pm was:
    Lat 19 2' N Long 156 18' W; Course 335 M; Speed 5 knots; miles to go 163.
    Good night everyone and tomorrow we will have a better idea of the time of arrival.
    Cheers, Maria Lucia